Mum ‘cremated’ new baby in oven at home







Prosecutors have dropped an investigation into a woman who ‘cremated’ her newborn baby in her home oven, because forensic examination of the remains could not determine whether the child was alive or dead at the time.

Magdalena P, 35, from Gorzyce, near Katowice, admitted burning the baby, but told relatives that she had done so because the child had been stillborn. Experts at the Institute of Forensic Research in Kraków examined ashes from the oven, but the results were inconclusive.

The Prosecutor in Wodzisław closed the case in the absence of evidence indicating that the child had been alive at the time. Magdalena P was held for psychiatric observation at a hospital in Rybnik for six weeks after her initial arrest. The tragedy happened on January 29 2012, and the investigation took a year to complete.


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