Teens ‘at risk of social exclusion’, study shows







One if five teenagers in the Lubuskie region is a risk of social exclusion in later life, because of problems at home, according to a study carried out at the University of Zielona Góra.

Researchers spoke to 250 students from around the region, and a further 2,500 filled in questionnaires. They observed that, while only about seven per cent of respondents admitted to suffering physical abuse at home, some 74 per cent had been told by their parents that they were ‘lazy’, ‘a mistake’, or ‘worthless’.

The study also found that one in four students had heard their parents quarrel, and suggested that parents often blamed their children’s bad behaviour or grades for their own fallings out.

Physical violence experienced by the youngsters included beatings and slapping. There were also isolated cases of children being deprived of food or sleep as punishment. Most physical punishments were reported by girls, but researchers said that boys were less likely to admit to such problems.

The researchers concluded that, while the behaviour of teenagers treated in such a way might change in the short term, it was likely that problems would grown, and that the children would become isolated as they would feel that they had nobody in the family home to turn to.

Picture: Creative Commons


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