The most expensive car insurance in Poland







Drivers in Łódź pay more for their car insurance than anywhere else in Poland.

That’s according to a survey by CUK Ubezpieczenia, which compared 20 insurance companies and their best offers in cities around the country. They studied third party liability, and concluded that the high costs in Łódź were due to the perceived higher risk in the city.

While drivers in Łódź can expect to pay around 545zł for such insurance, in Rzeszów the cost is 353zł, and in Katowice it is 392zł.

Grzegorz Wróblewski, marketing director at CUK, said: “The impact on the price of [third party] liability insurance is called loss ratio.  If there is a lot of accidents, and companies need to pay high compensation, the insurance rate increases.”

And Mr Wróblewski added that the reason for slightly lower insurance in Warsaw was the large number of traffic jams.

“In Warsaw, drivers spend a lot of time in traffic jams. Even if there is an accident, the effects are statistically less expensive than in cities such as Łódź,” he added.

Picture: Car insurance – because you never know.


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