‘Drink drive’ cop held on remand for three months







A police officer accused of injuring a man and a five-year-old boy in a drink-drive accident has been remanded in custody for three months.

The officer is accused of being drunk behind the wheel of a Mazda, which was in collision with pedestrians, breaking the child’s collar bone and the hand of the 55-year-old man.

The Prosecutor in Białystok North applied for the remand order on the grounds that the officer, aged 34, from Białystok police station number two, might otherwise influence the investigation.

A Mazda collided first with a Volkswagen, then with pedestrians, at the junction of ulica Raginisa and ulica Baśniowa, on February 4. The driver of the car refused a breathalyser test, so a sample of his blood was taken. The results of the blood test proved that he was above the legal alcohol limit.

The officer suspected of causing the accident has been suspended from duty.

Picture: ‘Internauta Piotr’



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