Man dies of knife wounds after night out – two arrested







A 20-year-old man has died after being stabbed while trying to defend a friend who was being attacked after a night out in Łódź.

The pair had been to Klub Czekolada, and the woman was sitting on a wall near the Grand Hotel on ulica Piotrkowska, the main road running through Łódź, on February 16 at 3am. Two men approached, and one slapped her face – prompting her friend to intervene.

Police said the victim died on the spot, after being stabbed nine times in the stomach, neck and back. All but two of the wounds would have been sufficient to kill him on their own. Police were at the scene within two minutes, but the attackers had already escaped and they were unable to save the man.

Two men, both aged 20, have since been arrested on suspicion of murder. One told police in Łódź ‘the devil told me to do it’.

The death has prompted the youth council in Łódź to call for more city guard and police patrols on Piotrkowska. A Facebook group has been set up in support of the campaign, and has already gained 700 followers.

Pictures: Łódź police


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