Professor accused of rape is released







A university professor and vice-chairman of the SLD in Dolnośląskie accused of rape and stalking has been released pending trial.

Piotr Ż was charged with 12 offences when he was arrested on February 19. They all related to complaints from five women at the University of Wrocław. He was held for 48 hours, then released just after 2pm on February 21, when a court rejected prosecution requests that he be held on remand pending trial.

The 39-year-old said on his release: “I am not a saint, but neither am I a criminal. This is nothing but provocation connected with my political beliefs.”

He added: “Now I will have a trial, in which I will have to prove that I am not a rapist.”

Piotr Ż said that he had exchanged a lecture room for 48 hours in a cell with people accused of serious crimes, and that he would ‘not wish that experience on anyone’.

He has been suspended from both SLD and the university pending the outcome of the trial.


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