Missing three-year-old girl – police need your help







LATEST UPDATE – 1.45am, March 2:

Police increase number of officers searching for missing girl to 180.

At least 300 residents of Pierzwin now engaged in search.

Fears for child’s life as temperature drops to minus four.

‘We will continue until we find her’ – police spokesman.


Police, fire fighters and residents of a small village in the Lubuskie region are currently searching for a three year old girl who went missing from her home at 4pm on March 1.

A pond near the girl’s home in Pierzwin has already been drained in the hunt for the child, and police have called in a helicopter with thermal imaging cameras. There are an estimated 150 police officers involved in the search, along with ten fire fighters, and six sniffer dogs.

Meanwhile, village residents and other rescue workers are combing the area on foot.

The girl left the house in Pierzwin to walk her dog. She was being looked after by a 17-year-old girl and her grandmother.

The missing girl was wearing a pink coat and trousers, and brown boots. She may have a small dog with her.

Sławomir Konieczny, police spokesman, urged people not to panic. He said that children often found their way home after a few hours.

The police website is here, or you can call if you see the child, on 95 7381900.


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