Sports Minister visits Zielona Góra congress







Sports Minister Joanna Mucha was in Zielona Góra on February 28, to attend the tenth annual Congress of Polish Sport.

She attended the main event of the Congress – a meeting at Filharmonia Zielonagórska – before meeting representatives from the city council and sports organisations. Ms Mucha said it was important to listen to ideas from people around Poland about sport, adding: “There is much to be done in this field. Let’s change the image of Polish sport.”

Key issues raised by the Congress were the problems faced by sports coaches when resources were sparse, improved systems for rewarding and encouraging the best athletes, and getting volunteers and business more involved in sport at school level.

Ms Mucha said: “First, we are looking into the issue. Then we will create a strategy. Currently, the Ministry is working on a comprehensive programme of changes in Polish sport.”

Picture: Filip Czernicki/Zielona Góra city council. The Mayor of Zielona Góra, Janusz Kubicki, Minister Joanna Mucha, and Senator Robert Dowhan during the visit.

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