Murder at the Filharmonia







A concert hall technician who was sacked went on a drinking binge, then returned to his former workplace to murder two colleagues.

Michał M, 29, admitted strangling harpist Victoria J, 27, and beating 60-year-old security guard Paweł K to death.

The former technician lost his job at Filharmonia Dolnośląskiej in Jelenia Góra, then was recorded in a bar in the town drinking heavily on the evening of March 7. On March 8, the bodies of the musician and security guard were discovered – but by then Michał M had already fled to Kraków by train.

But police in the Małopolska capital had tracked his movements using CCTV, and arrested him in the city.

At a court hearing on March 9 he admitted killing both, describing how he had beaten the security guard to death. Michał M said that he had also strangled the harpist, but said that he could not remember the exact circumstances of her death. He was remanded in custody for three months, and faces life in prison if convicted.

Picture: Małopolska police


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