Businessman and tax officials held on corruption charges







Nine people have been arrested in connection with a corruption investigation in Szczecin, after one of the city’s best-known businessmen was accused of bribing officials.

Paweł G, who owns restaurants, a funeral parlour and a string of jewellery shops, is said to have paid for ‘special consideration’ to three tax inspectors and others. All four have been arrested, along with his son Dominik G, an employee of Sanepid (the health inspectorate), the co-owners of the jewellers and funeral parlour, and a restaurant worker.

The prosecutor in Szczecin said some of the accused exercised their right not to answer questions whilst under arrest. All were remanded in custody for two months, on March 19.

The prosecutor has not yet published full details of the ‘special consideration’ for which the alleged bribes were given. Paweł G’s lawyer said his client wished to ‘co-operate’ with authorities during the investigation.

Pictures: Andrzej Szkocki/


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