God bless the humble grosz







Walk into any of the smaller shops in Poland, and they’ll mug you for your loose change. It doesn’t matter if they have a till full of coins, you will always be asked for the correct money.

Why? Nobody knows. But it is kind of charming.

The 1 grosz coin represents absolutely no money at all. You can’t buy a single thing with it. And yet everyone wants it when you’re out shopping. Its value is not about profit and loss, but about something other, that it would be difficult to pin down precisely.

So let’s raise a glass to the decision of the National Bank of Poland, which has agreed to continue producing the tiny coins – despite the fact that their face value is 1 grosz but it costs 5 grosz to produce each one.

To the grosz – you can’t even feel it in your pocket, and it weighs almost nothing in your hand. But you know it’s there.







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