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Victor Magnussen: Born May 2 1953, Canada. Died March 16, 2013, USA.

A concert will be held in Kraków in memory of the singer and songwriter Victor Magnussen, who died while on holiday in America.

The concert will be held at Cafe Szafe, on April 20, at 7.30pm. Admission is free.

Canadian Victor had been heading for Brazil on the trip of a lifetime, and had stopped off in California. He had a heart attack while ski-ing at the Squaw Valley resort, Lake Tahoe. Friends in Kraków remember him as an open, warm and honest man, who was never without his dog Bernie.

News of Victor’s death was posted on his Facebook page, with a message that reads: “On behalf of immediate Family members, with their wishes, this is to let you know that Victor’s trip on the way to Rio de Janiero, Brasil has been tragically cut short while enjoying a beautiful day of skiing in Squaw Valley resort, Lake Tahoe, California. Victor Magnussen has passed on. In Loving memory to talented musician, teacher, adventurer in heart, my long dear friend and former neighbor, I would like express my sincere condolences to all friends and family members for their loss.”

Victor’s own final message was posted on March 15. It says: “I am sitting at the McDonalds in Redding California, getting ready to head to Squaw Valley to meet a friend. I tired as hell. Drove most of the night, except for about 3 hours at a rest stop outside Medford Oregon. Roads are good, its sunny and temps. are cool but not cold. Last night I played a few songs at the Sellwood Pub in Porland and was originally going to sleep there but then got a bee in my butt and decided to drive till I felt too tired. # o’clock rolled around before that happened. Talk later.”

Victor died on March 16, 2013. He leaves behind a wife, Marilla, his dog, Bernie, and many relatives and friends. His remains were cremated on the eve of spring, as dusk fell on March 20, 2013.

Bernie is being cared for by a friend in Kraków.

Friends and colleagues have left messages of condolence on Victor’s Facebook page. Anyone who knew him is invited to join them.

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8 thoughts on “Memorial planned for popular singer-songwriter

  1. I first heard Victor over 20 years ago when I Hosted music evenings in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He sang the most beautiful Love Songs I have ever heard. I lost touch with him for a few years then saw him many times when he was an Actor, or Stand-In, or did special Background Performing on many Film Sets during Vancouver’s meteoric rise as an international Filmmaking Centre. Sometimes we could persuade him to entertain us during a Lunch Break and everyone loved his beautiful voice. Victor was a wonderful man, and I am comforted by the fact that my memories of him are of him smiling, laughing, or singing. He was quite simply one of the nicest men I ever met.

  2. Thanks Steve
    I’m also putting together a piece for the Kraków Post English language newspaper about Victor. Would you mind if I used your comment in that (credited to you)?

  3. So long Victor!
    It was great to know you.
    We both missed
    first: opportunity to meet up in Seattle last Jan
    secord: to bring to life your performances in London, U.K., that have been planned for the last couple of years.

    Your great and very personal music will surely live on.
    See you on the other side sime day!

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  5. Victor was the most caring and the most dependable person that I have ever known. Can’t imagine the world without him. Through his beautiful, unique music he lives on!

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