Trapped miners rescued from 1km underground







Copper miners trapped 1,000 metres underground following an earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter Scale have all been rescued without serious injury.

The KGHM Rudna mine in Polskowice, Dolnośląskie, collapsed at around 10pm on March 19. Rescue workers initially had no contact with the missing men, and initial reports from the site were uncertain about the number of miners involved.

However, by 7am on March 20, Dariusz Wyborski, spokesman for KGHM said that 18 had been rescued completely unhurt. One other man needed stitches for a small wound on his head.

A statement issued by the company reads: “Before 7am all the miners were already on the surface. One of the survivors has a cut on his head, the others are doing well and have already returned to their homes… psychological care was provided for families of the miners during the operation.

“The site has been secured. A special commission will investigate the causes of the accident.”

Picture: Home safe (Mieczysław Michalak / Agencja Gazeta)


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