Pope given old iPad model to avoid wasting money – newspaper advertises T Mobile iPad deals next to report








Pope Francis has become the first Pontiff in history to own an iPad – which has already been nickname the ‘iPapad’.

The kit was a gift from the Vatican web team. According to the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, one of the team visited the Apple store near the Vatican, and asked for an iPad for a ‘very special person’.

The stipulations were that it had to be in white, and that it must be an older model, to avoid wasting money.

Wyborcza recounted a report in the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, which said: “The salesperson offered the latest version of the iPad, the 128GB model. The priest steadfastly refused, explaining that ‘the Pope will again complain that we spent too much.’ We ended up cheaper and older, 32GB version.”

However, the Wyborcza report appeared somewhat at odds with the new Pope’s aim of making a church ‘for the poor’ – by running an advert for T Mobile selling the newest iPads next to the story.

Picture: Screenshot from the Gazeta Wyborcza story.


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