Miss Spring takes to Poland’s streets








March 21 has come and gone, but spring resolutely continues to ignore the calendar and appears to have decided to curl up beneath its blanket of snow for a bit of a lie in.

To help the season along, Poles have been taking part in the traditional drowning of the Marzanna – a straw effigy which is thrown into rivers to signify the end of winter.

But, just to make absolutely sure, radio station RMF sent Miss Spring out onto the streets in Warsaw and Poland’s other main cities. She could be spotted in Katowice, Łódź, Kraków and others on Thursday, handing out daffodils to bring a little cheer to passers-by.

You can see pictures from Miss Spring’s March 21 visit to your city, at the RMF website.

Picture: RMF/Daniel Pączowski/Event-House.com.pl.

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