Kraków – eye of the winter storm













UPDATE -April 1, 22:00

Homes in Białystok and around Warsaw spent much of Easter Monday without power after snowfall reaching up to 25cm.

The good news is that winter, according to the weather forecasters, is taking its last breath. The bad is that it’s going to be a long, cold breath – with snow set to continue through Easter and into the middle of April.

Worst hit over the coming fortnight will be Kraków and the Małopolska region, and Śląsk. In some outlying parts of Kraków, up to 20cm of snow could fall during the first week of April. However, the temperatures shouldn’t drop lower than -5C, and may reach as high as 8C during that time.

The winter weather will move across the country diagonally to the north-west, although most places should see only half as much snow as is forecast for Kraków. The warmest is expected to be Gdańsk and Pomorskie, although even here the forecasters expect up to 4cm of snow over Easter.

All of which means that we’re set for an overall 2012-2013 winter lasting almost six months. As our picture shows, in Kraków, the eye of the Easter storm, the first snow of the season fell at noon on October 28 last year.


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