Why the Brits could learn a lesson from Poland







Modern Britain is, according to a report in one of the UK newspapers, a nation of bigots. The Express reckons that 79 per cent want to stop EU migrants coming to the country.

This nation, apparently clamouring for closed borders, is the same nation that is based on the genes of France, Germany, Italy, the Scandinavian nations… and was even conquered by the Dutch who promptly put their own monarch on the throne. Even the language is not English. It accepts words such as ‘schadenfreude’, ‘pyjamas’, ‘kitsch’ and ‘kielbasa’ as English words.

Put bluntly, it’s entirely possible that 79 per cent of Brits are already migrants in one sense or another.

Its also a country which, when push comes to shove, would rather let the foreigners do the hard work. A documentary team took central and eastern Europeans out of back-breaking farm work and replaced them with long-term unemployed Brits, and filmed the result. What happened? The Brits found that it was easier to ‘earn’ a living on benefits than to work for their money.

British Prime Minister David Cameron could learn a thing or two from Poland. This is a nation that openly welcomes foreigners from other European nations – even if it does then try to kill them with kindness and cake.  Historically, it was the most welcoming in all of Europe; black, white, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, atheist… Poland welcomed them all.






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