Priest: “Hello Kitty, Pokemon and My Little Pony turn children to Satan”





“Give a child an image of the cat Hello Kitty – and you will deliver them into the hands of Satan” – that was the message in a letter delivered to Catholics by their priest.

Father Andrzej Bemowski, of the parish of Św. Teresa in Gdańsk, lambasted the popular children’s character from the pulpit during his sermon on April 28 – then drove home the message with the letter afterwards. He also warned about Lady Gaga, whom he said was a servant of demons, and  of the children’s toy My Little Pony, which according to Father Bemowski would also lead young minds to Satan.

Of Hello Kitty, Father Bemowksi said the character’s pink colour lured children into New Age practices. He was particularly concerned that it awakened sexuality in youngsters. Father Bemowksi also found the character’s lack of a mouth to be a sign of demonism – though the Hello Kitty creator has gone on record with a more prosaic explanation… that a happy child would see a smiling cat, and a sad child would see a frowning cat.

Of Lady Gaga, Father Bemowski added: “She… quotes spells, endangering the audience, subjecting them to diabolical manipulation and hypnosis.”

Other popular characters and practices were also cited, including Pokemon (the ‘pocket demon’), Barbie, Harry Potter, Batman, images of skulls on fashion items and Halloween.

Pictures: The new axis of evil? Hello Kitty, Pokemon and My Little Pony


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